Private walking tours

Because there is no better way to discover a city than walking through it and also because walking keeps you in good health, we offer lots of walking tours, either focused on a specific area or theme. We bring you the most charming and sometimes hidden places. And because gastronomy is a big part of the French culture, we always offer a drink and/or some tastings during our tours.


As you may know, lots of walking tour companies are operating in Paris and some of the tours they offer can be found everywhere. "A Journey in Paris" is trying to offer only original and specific tours that you won't be able to find anywhere else (except on our retailers' and partners' websites).


As a small company, we are not able to cover any area or any theme, but we're constantly working on it ! If you have a special interest for a theme or area, we can design a tour for you.


You will find the information in the following section : private guide