Buttes Chaumont area walking tour

Best for : repeaters

Description :

With this 3 hour walking tour in Buttes Chaumont area, try an atypic walk going from Mouzaïa village and its colorful houses to Butte Bergeyre, a little village on top of the hill. After discovering Mouzaïa and its history, we will have a walk in Buttes Chaumont where you will admire a beautiful nature and also great architectural works such as Buttes Chaumont bridge. We'll also visit a bakery, a temple and a coffee house for a drink.


Included : one drink per person, 2 food tasting

Days and hours of operation : from Tuesday to Friday, 2 pm to 5 pm

Meeting point : Pré St. Gervais metro station

From 2 to 8 people

Price : 90 euros per person


Highlights :

- Discover an unknown area, not much frequented by tourists

- Discover some of the most beautiful villages inside Paris

- Visit very atypic places

- Enjoy a relaxing drink inside the park


Have a very special experience, relaxing & refreshing !

Warning : good health condition needed, long walk !



Choose the number of people


You are travelling as a small group and want to have a private experience ? Pay 350 euros + 10 euros per person and get your private guide ! Please contact us.


You are by yourself ? Pay for 2 people and book a date !